Home Selling Preparation

Market Preparation

A little time spent de-cluttering and adding simple touches to your home can make the most of that first impression. Here are a few tips that can go a long way when marketing your home.

Interior Of Home:

  • Clean walls and complete any paint touch-ups, and stage home
  • Bright lighting and in working order
  • Clean windows and screens for natural Light
  • Shiny bathrooms, kitchens, appliances and mirrors
  • Tighten any loose door knobs and cupboard latches
  • Pet areas clean and free of odour
  • Fresh cut flowers are a nice added touch
  • Reduce clutter – Clear off any counter tops
  • Organize Cupboards and closets
  • Repair seals & caulking around bathtubs and sinks
  • Repair any leaky plumbing
  • Clean carpeting and wash floors

Exterior Of Home:

  • Have yard manicured – cut and trimmed lawn, weeded flower beds
  • Have walkways cleared of snow
  • Concrete areas clean and cracks repaired
  • Clean deck and patio furniture
  • Clean and organized garage and clean up any litter

Why Use a Realtor

In today’s market hire a professional realtor if you want the job done right. While you could settle for listing your home in a newspaper, online ad, or comm free, working with an agent could save you time and effort.

The complex market requires expertise and market resources not available to the general public. Please take a minute to consider these reasons to hire a realtor with professional services to assist you in selling or purchasing a property.

Preparing your home for showings

The presentation of your property for a showing is the last chance you have to leave that lasting impression with a potential buyer.

  • Open up all curtains and let the sun shine in
  • Turn on all lighting inside and out
  • Remove pets