Moving Checklist

Staying Organized

Purchasing a property and preparing to move is a very exciting time, but it can be stressful. Here is a quick reference checklist to help make a plan in advance and be organized.

Two Months Before:

  • Give rental notice
  • Choose a moving company
  • Begin packing any items you won’t be needing
  • Sell or give away any unwanted items

Six Weeks Before:

  • Make records of belongings/valuables and insure if required
  • Make arrangements to store items if necessary
  • Obtain copies of personal records if moving in or out of Province (medical, dental, academics)

Four Weeks Before:

  • Notify post office of your change of address (send out address change cards)
  • Notify utilities and provide change of address and arrange for new connections
  • Confirm move details with movers
  • Arrange for boxes and continue packing

One -Two Weeks Before:

  • Provide movers with instructions for furniture location and label accordingly
  • Arrange for childcare and pet sitting on moving day
  • Arrange for your property insurance
  • Pack a moving day travel bag with essentials such as medication and toiletries
  • Label items to be moved in your car
  • Have your lawyer advise you of the exact amount owing, then have your payment prepared accordingly

Moving Day:

  • Before leaving check all rooms, close windows and take meter readings
  • Notify landlord property is vacant and leave forwarding information (if applicable)
  • Take utility readings at new property
  • Obtain emergency numbers
  • Send out address change cards to credit card companies, insurance companies, drivers licence, motor vehicles, health care providers
  • Replace or re-key all locks on exterior doors
  • Change batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Have home security installed
  • Find out garbage and recycling in your area