Things to Consider

The neighbourhood you choose to purchase your home in may be as important as the style of home you are looking to purchase to suit your needs.


If you have children, schools may be the most important consideration when purchasing a home.  Distance away from the school, and the quality of schooling you are looking for.  Often times school boards can provide important information that can be helpfull.

The Appearance

Take a drive through the different neighbourhoods you are considering.  Look for signs of run down and neglected properties.  A neighbourhood of this type can drive your property values down.

Crime Rates

What is the crime rate in the neighbourhood you are considering?  Is it safe?

Utilities / Taxes

To avoid any surprises, it is always a good idea to research utility costs and property taxes before you make your purchase.


Recognize what amenities you require such as shopping, grocery stores, restaurants, medical offices, and recreational facilities.

Property Values

Compare property values and see how they compare to other equal neighbourhoods.